YouTube Captions

Better subtitles = Better Retention.
Improve accessibility with captions on YouTube.


With more than 49 million people having severe hearing loss, and 50% of people turning on subtitles, you need captions for your videos.

YouTube closed captions consistently help increase people's focus on your videos. Plus with the desktop app now providing previews when you hover over videos that only have subtitles, they're more important than ever. So we can help you get captions on YouTube, professionally and accurately.

Our subtitles have been used by creators with more than half a million subscribers. They look professional and are extremely accurate. See for yourself:

This particular example is from Max Fosh's channel - we've reuploaded it to our own channel here for formatting reasons.

Nobody likes the inaccurate automated captions YouTube provides - they should be a backup, not a replacement. So let's upgrade your YouTube closed captions to create the best possible experience for your viewers.

Send us a video link and you'll get a quote, for free.

Want an unpublished video subtitled? No worries, send us an unlisted link - we'll swear to secrecy :)

We're not gig-economy workers or AI, so we can't give you a price-per-minute on our webpage. But, for the level of quality we produce, our prices are competitive, and you can ask us for a free quote at any time.

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