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We're Sorcerertech, a company with the amibiton to entertain, innovate, and intrigue. We specialise in chat bots, web services, audio, video, live content, and more.

Our mission is to entertain, innovate, and create, and to help others to do the same.

If you want to build a great experience, we're your go-to people. We can build amazing interactive experiences for your audience or customers that will inspire them to take action and create amazement and intrigue.

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Merlin, the Discord AI assistant. Add to Discord Merlin is an AI-powered virtual assistant, much like Alexa, Google, or Siri, however it has its own unique features, like telling you the Na'vi Word of the Day, reading Klingon translations, and more (as well as the usual features ). Find out more about the AI Discord Bot here.
Hamelin, the music bot with the highest quality, period. Hamelin is the only Discord bot that maintains its own library of lossless audio files for as many songs as it can. This means we can deliver truly 384 kbps OPUS - much higher than the standard 128kbps most bots can provide. Hamelin's in beta, but you can Join our Discord to learn more.

We're experienced in the good old classics, like Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and PHP, but we also use newer technologies like Vue.JS and Node.JS. Altogether, all these technologies create a dynamic experience for your users.

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You can chat to us on the Sorcerertech Discord - our founder is ICTman#5904. Anyone's welcome, even if you just want a chat 

If you're feeling social, you can follow Sorcerertech on Twitter.

If you prefer to be a bit more formal and want to talk business, you can email us, with [email protected]

Or you can talk to us on Keybase. But you should probably get in contact via email or Discord first, since we don't check keybase often.

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