We dream in code.

Well, we don't, but we sure do love it. Sometimes we make our own little Projects that we publish for everyone to try. Why not check a few out?

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We hand-craft websites (not just for ourselves) and make great applications just for you. We've helped and more businesses achieve their dreams. Can we be a part of yours?


Traed.Trade forms

We built from the ground up a data collection utility. It uses advanced technologies such as AJAX to ensure speed and reliability. We also built an email verification tool, with extremely high delivery rates.

A project we created in our free time. We used python to create a server capable of creating GIFs in a similar style to Google's well-known checkbox captcha. We used greenlets and to create a massively multithreaded server capable of serving multiple users whilst maintaining speed. We also configured an nginx reverse-proxy to speed up requests.

Server & Development Management

We manage our own server. We're firm believers in using your own server - it allows you more freedom to do as you wish. wouldn't have been possible if we used traditional web hosting. We help clients such as manage their servers, and keep the DevOps cycle efficient. Read the case study.

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